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Chichen Itza Tour
Adults 99USD 129 USD
Children 45USD 65 USD
1 - 3 Passengers


198 USD
Chichen Itza Tour from Casa Konomi Riviera Maya


When staying at the Casa Konomi Riviera Maya you can do a wide range of Chichen Itza Tours. You can select from the Classic Chichen Itza Tour that will include everything you need to the Chichen Itza Deluxe Tour that will include you premium drinks. If you want to do a private tours to Chichen Itza from Casa Konomi Riviera Maya you can also select from the Private Chichen Itza Tour that will take you at your own pace or the Luxury Chichen Itza Tour that will take you with a Luxury Suburban.

Casa Konomi Riviera Maya is a villa of 5300 '4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, bicycles and all the luxuries you can imagine. Air conditioner in each room, and three flat screen televisions with satellite. Gardens and private pool.

Imagine being wrapped in the hammock, close your eyes and breathe the scent of bougainvillea. Feel the warm breeze of the Half Moon Bay flow beach above you like a wave of the sea. Take a refreshing sip of your frozen drink and enjoy this personal paradise.

Whatever your taste is, this house is the kind of place where you will be attracted to stay in the villa during the day instead of venturing out.

It is located between Half Moon Bay and Yalku Laguna. It is an easy walk to the sandy beach or the lagoon, both are excellent for snorkeling. Complimentary golf cart and a handful of basic bicycles to help make Akumal easy and fast are provided. The location offers the unusual opportunity to be separated from lush gardens, creating a private retreat unlike any other rental house in the area. Every minute of the day is passed with the calm sound of the waves breaking from the ocean around the peninsula of the house is located in.

There are three large bedrooms with bathrooms, with a newer fourth bedroom on the second floor of this 5,360 square foot villa. Located on the upper level with a terrace, the floral style master bedroom is called Blue Lagoon. Also on the second floor there is another relaxing black and brown bedroom, Mapumalanga ('the setting sun'). The third large bedroom suite with garden, Shangri-La is on the main level. The newly added tropical fourth bedroom has a queen bed and a shared bathroom. Each of the main suites has two entrances, one that leads to a veranda and another to the interior of the villa.

Casa Konomi Riviera Maya has incredible attention to detail, from the monkeys sculpted in the decorative architecture of the building, to the numerous stained glass windows throughout the house. The living room and dining room have been carefully designed at no cost for aesthetic issues. Rooftop terrace offers incredible views of the sea, the jungle and the lagoon. Enjoy a night full of stars in this retreat on the top floor.


Enjoy the Chichen Itza Classic Tour with all its perks: Transportation, Chichen Itza, Cenote, Buffet meal.

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The Chichen Itza Tour Plus will give you all the perks of the Classic Tour but with unlimited drinks.

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Enjoy a perfect day visiting Chichen Itza with the Deluxe Tour. This Tour will include the same as the Plus Tour but with Premium drinks.

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Enjoy Chichen Itza when it opens. You will have an early pickup at your hotel to get early to Chichen Itza.

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With this tour you can visit Chichen Itza at your own pace... stay longer in Chichen Itza or at the cenote or go shopping in Valladolid.

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With the Luxury Chichen Itza Tour you will be able to enjoy a perfect journey in a Suburban vehicle at your own pace.

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